Grey Gardens

Big Edie

But not only we got a nearly perfect location, set and directing but also the cast left nothing to be desired with Frederike Haas and Katja Brauneis being such a spellbinding couple

Katja Brauneis was just grand as "Big" Edith, whose husband first cheated on her to eventually divorce her.
Even though Edith is essentially the unsympathetic character being so self-involved trying everything to constantly take center stage, whether asked or not (as her idea of performing at her daughter's engagement party) and doing everything to sabotage other people's lives, even her own daughter's, as her romances, gloating and flamboyant in the 1940s scenes and so irritating, grotesque and even frightening (her comic timing was just excellent) in the scenes 30 years later but with the agonising fear of loneliness beneath the glossy surface always slightly shining through you could not help but to care for her.

Her voice's full of pathos and despair but she still could turn the moment into a victory when telling us of "The Cake I Had" (and not only had, she ate the whole) or of the fact that "Jerry Likes My Corn"...